Looking Cool For Back To School

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School time is back again! Whether it’s starting school for the very first time, or moving onto the next grade, that first day can set the tone for children of all ages. Now that summer with their neighborhood friends is drawing to an end, children know that the first day of school can bring many surprises! They may be anxious about the new friends they’ll meet, who their new teacher will be, not having as much play time as they did during the summer, but most importantly… what they’ll wear! The first day of school is one big fashion show for children, as it’s their time to set the best impression on their classmates and teachers alike! With so much back to school shopping happening towards the end of Summer, the outfit possibilities are endless, given that the school doesn't have a formal dress code or uniform. Let’s talk about ways you can help your child/children look cool for back to school! 

Dressing Comfortable On The First Day of School

With so much curiosity about what the first day of school will bring, a comfortable outfit from head-to-toe will make that first day a bit easier! Breathable fabrics that are stretchable and lightweight can allow children to move about their day with less restriction, and comfy. The best fabrics to keep in mind are cotton and blends. Since each state may vary in the first day of school forecast, the amount of layers can also change. By pairing the outfit with a just-in-case sweater or jacket, children won’t get too chilly in their classrooms. Knowing that growth spurts are inevitable with children, knowing their clothing sizes can help tremendously. Starting with shoes/sneakers that fit properly, children can run around the school halls with their newly-made friends! Matched with a shirt and pants that fit pleasantly, your child will be on their way to have the best first day of school possible! 

Outfits that Won’t Break the Bank

Parenting and budgeting go hand-in-hand. When it comes to finding a quality outfit for your children’s first day of school. There are ways to find great deals on stylish children’s clothes without breaking the bank in the process. One of the best ways to find great deals for children’s clothes is by checking out small businesses. You can find great stylish clothes for your children, while supporting small business owners. Online children boutiques frequently have sales on their collections where you can find some great clothes for a bargain! Be sure to check out our collections for periodic sales!  

First Day of School Outfit Ideas

Now that we talked about what makes a great first day of school outfit, let's go over some ideas for inspiration. For girls, a cozy dress paired with leggings and comfortable shoes is a great go-to outfit. It is a good combination of style and comfort, perfect for the first day of school. Our Chelsea Dress is both light and airy, making it one of our favorite pieces to complete the best first day of school outfit. For the boys, a statement shirt paired with durable jeans can never go wrong! Our popular “Loved Tee” will complete any outfit, and will serve as a cute reminder for your baby boy as he explores the first day of school! Be sure to check out our shop for the latest adorable clothes for babies and kids!