3 Quick Things To Remember For Your Baby’s First Holidays

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As the end of the year quickly approaches, it can only mean one thing… The holiday season is coming! For many this is a time to reconnect with family and friends that you haven't seen in quite some time, but for the loving babies in our lives this will be the first time they meet the rest of the tribe. The holidays can consist of much planning, traveling, and sometimes stress. To minimize the anxious feelings surrounding your baby’s first holidays, here are 3 quick things to remember leading up to the upcoming holidays. 

Pack the Essentials

Some situations can be rather unpredictable, but it’s always best practice to at least have the necessities close by. When you’re crossing off your to-do and packing lists, always start off with the essentials. When it comes to traveling with your baby for their first holiday season, being sure to have the necessities such as bottles, formula, medicine, travel cots, wipes, and sterilizing spray, are a great place to start. Safety is also first priority during holiday journeys, so be sure to also have a first aid kit and the appropriate device chargers packed. With these essential items packed and ready to go, you are already ahead of the game!

Bring Your Patience

While it may not be packed in a suitcase or bag, please be sure to bring your patience! Understand that holiday travel and events can be just as, if not more, stressful for your little one than it is for you. In situations where your baby becomes a bit fussy during the long drive, plane ride, etc. it is best to take a few deep breaths and then assess the situation accordingly. Sometimes stressful situations happen before and during the holidays, and while we won't always be able to prevent them from happening, we are always in control of how we react to them. Prepare a few stress relieving activities you can do during not-so-desirable moments during the holidays. 

Bring Cute Holiday Outfits For The Baby

Lastly, and most importantly, bring along those adorable holiday outfits for the baby! The holidays are perfect for talking about reminiscing and creating plenty of new memories. For the little new additions to the family, it’s time for them to soak in all of the attention! Here comes the camera phones ready to snap away at all of the cute smiles and poses your baby will flaunt. Some of the go-to baby holiday outfits include lovable dresses, shirts with holiday-related phrases, and comfy jumpers and rompers. Our popular Thankful Onesie is a simple and cute outfit for your baby. If you’re looking to get a bit more stylish, our dresses will be sure to tug at your family’s heart strings! Check out our fall collection for more holiday baby outfits!